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 About Randy Orton

Full Name: Randal Keith Orton
In-Ring Name: Randy Orton
Date Of Birth: April 1st, 1980
Place of Birth: Knoxville, TN
Billed: St. Louis, MO
Professional Wrestling debut: March 18th, 2000
WWE Television Debut: April 25th, 2002
Finisher: RKO, Running Punt to the Skull
Biography: Randal “Randy” Keith Orton was born on April 1st, 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is currently professional wrestler working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the Monday Night Raw and Thursday Night Smackdown brands. Orton is well-known as a third-generation wrestler, following the footsteps of his father (“Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr.), his late grandfather (Bob Orton Sr.), and his uncle (Barry O).

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Elimination Chamber Results — February 12th, 2017
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Elimination Chamber Digitals || Elimination Chamber Screen Captures

Randy Orton def. Luke Harper
As he prepares to main-event WrestleMania, Randy Orton would not be thrown off-track by his former Wyatt Family cohort, Luke Harper. The Viper vanquished Harper with a thunderous RKO at Elimination Chamber 2017.

While Bray Wyatt prepared to challenge for the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, his top acolyte battled the loyal follower he threw out of his Family. Harper overpowered The Apex Predator in the early moments of the match, forcing Orton to regroup at ringside. However, Harper would not give Orton an inch, continuing his attack at ringside. The Viper eventually responded in kind, viciously planting Harper onto the announcers’ desk with a sickening thud.

Orton slowed the match down to the methodical pace he loves, but that also gave Harper a chance to recover. The big man showed off his surprising agility before stunning The Apex Predator with a monstrous boot. After a huge tope suicida to the arena floor that sent Orton flying into the German commentary team, Harper gave The Viper a taste of his own medicine, slamming him into the announcers’ table.

Harper tried to capitalize back in the ring, but was caught on the ropes by Orton, leaving him vulnerable to a ring-rocking superplex. The big man recovered and nearly took off The Viper’s head with a pair of staggering superkicks. Harper was feeling confident as he planted Orton into the mat with a sit-out powerbomb, but there was no putting down The Apex Predator on this night. Harper went for his patented discus clothesline, but Orton countered and connected with the RKO to pick up the victory.

With this major roadblock out of the way, the Road to WrestleMania is clear for Randy Orton. Will anything stand between him and the WWE Championship in the main event at The Show of Shows?


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