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News posted by Laevita • Date Published on: June 14th, 2013 • (0)


The WWE’s Randy Orton stars in 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, which is currently available on Blu-ray. Orton, a third generation professional wrestler (his grandfather, father, and uncle were all wrestlers before him) is the latest of the WWE superstars to be primed for feature films, having already acted in That’s What I Am (which was very positively reviewed in the pages of CraveOnline), and now taking the leading role in the straight-to-video sequel to Renny Harlin’s 2009 thriller 12 Rounds, previously starring WWE’s own John Cena. In this new film, Orton plays a hapless paramedic who is taken hostage by a faraway terrorist (Brian Markinson, watching with cameras from a secret lair), who forces him to compete a series of twisted scavenger hunt challenges, lest his wife be killed.

CraveOnline chatted briefly with Mr. Orton about moving to acting, the difference between movie fights and wrestling fights, and the casting of the bad guy.

CraveOnline: This might seem ignorant, but I’d like to know the process of how one moves from wrestling into acting. Did you have a type of role you wanted to play? Did someone else approach you? How does it work?

Randy Orton: First of all, that’s not an ignorant question at all. All of the interviews I’ve done for the movie, it’s definitely a common question that everyone’s asking. How do you go from being a professional wrestler to being an actor? How does this happen? How did I get the role? It’s funny, because normally I think the way an actor will go about it is to, you know, auditions, auditions, auditions. An actor does about a hundred auditions and might get one or two callbacks. Whatever goes on in the world. In my world, I get a call from WWE Film Studios, and they say “Hey, we’d like you to be the star in the new 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded movie.” And I basically say “Okay! Sounds good to me! Let’s do it! … How do we do that, by the way?” They send me to an acting coach. I had like 20 hours of classes with the guy. It was go-go-go. I didn’t have, like, six months to prepare. It was just: “We’re gonna put you in a movie. Is that cool with you?” “Yeah, sure! Let’s do it.” Alright. You’re gonna star in a movie. It was almost surreal. I had to pinch myself, make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I’m gonna star in a movie. What?

I was very anxious to line up there and start shooting, ’cause it wasn’t my world. Everything in the ring I’m very comfortable with, but this was very different to me. So it was definitely nerve-wracking. But it was a great opportunity too, so I had to.

Did you have any sort of input as to how the movie was made? Did you have any control over what your character should be or what the story should be?

Not at all. Not at all. They had a script. There was a writer. There was a story. There was a director [Roel Reiné]. Michael Luisi produced it from the WWE. And 20th Century Fox put it on. It was like any other movie. We made an action film, got an awesome director, and he had a lower budget film, and had to turn it into something that looks like five times as much money went into this production as it actually did. And that’s what he did. Very, very fortunate to have the director we did.

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News posted by Laevita • Date Published on: June 13th, 2013 • (15)

(The interview starts at 1:14:53) Randy Orton chats with Sam Roberts on several topics on his start in the WWE, his thoughts on putting his family on his DVD, 12 Rounds Reloaded, and…Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes fanfiction?? Listen and enjoy. :P

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WWE’s Randy Orton recently took some time to talk to us about his film, “12 Rounds: Reloaded”, who his favorite wrestlers were as a kid, his life as a professional wrestler, and to offer advice for aspiring wrestlers.

Mandatory: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions, I know you’re busy. I just watched “12 Rounds: Reloaded” and it was great. What was it like working in front of a camera instead of an arena full of fans?

Randy Orton: Well, in that arena full of fans there’s usually a couple of cameras keeping an eye on us there too, you know? When we do T.V., we’ve got 5, 6, 7 cameras on us at one time and that’s how this director liked to do things. He always had at least 4 or 5 cameras running so the whole multiple cameras and, you know, in front of people thing, I was used to that. Doing live TV, there’s nothing more stressful than that, but with the movie, I was very nervous. I had about 20 hours of acting classes crammed in the week before I flew up to Vancouver. We rehearsed up there for a week and that helped with some of the nerves, being up there around everybody. Everyone was great and really nice to me. They knew I was a beginner and that I needed to lean on them as much as possible, but it was kind of a lot less stressful than the whole wrestling thing because we had take after take after take. If something happened the director didn’t like, just do it again.

Were there any changes to your workout regimen for the movie compared to your regular workout routine?

Oh yeah, well even normally it’s difficult to get into the gym more than two or three times per week but add in another four 10-20 minutes matches onto that, that’s enough for a week. But you know in this instance with the movie I had two days off in eight weeks. We shot for five weeks and I would fly home on Monday and come back on Wednesday every week when I was doing the movie. What I was doing on those days, while everyone else had the day off, I would go do Smackdown or Raw. So I did that for five weeks then we went straight to a European tour after that, that was almost three weeks. So it was a tough eight week process when I was gone last fall, but it was worth it and time flew that’s for sure. Time just flew by because you’re working so much. My workouts really did suffer. I was trying to eat as clean as I could and definitely hit the weights at least once a week. Anything more than that I just didn’t have the time.

Did you do your own stunts for the movie?

I did them all. There was one scene where I actually got kicked down a flight of stairs. I had a stunt double. His name was Ed. He was Triple H’s stunt double for “Blade: Trinity” with Wesley Snipes, as a matter of fact. Good guy. He told me about a bunch of cool stuff he had done. But he didn’t get to work much [on this film] so he didn’t like me too much I’d imagine. They get paid for every bump they take and the bigger the bump, the more money. I remember joking with him about taking bumps like, “Yeah I wish I got paid for every bump I took, I’d be a billionaire!”

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WWE Superstar Randy Orton joined Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman.

On teaming with Team Hell No and on Daniel Bryan’s presence right now in the WWE: “Yeah he can do some stuff, can’t he? When he blows that comeback, as we say, he gets the people going. You know, he’s got a little, he goes crazy with the Ultimate Warrior thing, it’s like he is always morphing into like Bryan Hogan, instead of Bryan Daniel-or Daniel Bryan, or whatever his name is now. I remember, one time my dad, like I just had a match and I came home and I’m talking about how Bryan Danielson, you know hit me in the back of the head with a title, and I feel like I got a concussion. And my dad the next day was like, “you know I was really worried about you cause you kept calling him Bryan Danielson.” And I’m like, well that was his name, that’s how we know him, I call him that. The WWE likes to change things up, don’t they?”

On how gimmicks or catchphrases happen, do they just catch on randomly or planned: “It’s one of those things where they’re trying, there is a creative team and you know I’m my own brand so I’m always thinking. A lot of the time, things like that come out of nowhere. Like you just stumble on to something. Hasn’t really happened with me, but you’ll see it happen. I’m not the stick guy. I can’t go out there like John Cena and cut a babyface promo that makes you want to kill yourself five minutes in, as good as he can. You know what I mean? No offense, John. Obviously he’s very successful so, I don’t know what I am talking about.”

Randy tells a funny John Cena story: “I tagged with him, last week or the week before, on a Raw Supershow, or a live event Supershow, both rosters were there. And we’re out there in the ring. And it’s me, Cena, and somebody. Maybe Kofi or Sheamus, against Big Show, Mark Henry, and somebody else, I forget. And Cena says, “Can you do a dropkick tonight?” And I go, uhh, yeah. Can you? And he goes; and we’re in the ring! Like, we’re about to—the bells about to ring. And he’s starting, and he goes, “Alright, I’m gonna tag you in in a second. Let’s do a double drop kick.” Now I’m thinking in my head, “This motherf**cker don’t need to be doing no dropkicks.” That’s what I’m thinking. So he tags me in, ducks a punch from Show, Show turns around. Before I can even step through the ropes, Cena is up in the air dropkicking Show. And I’m like, looking at him, I thought you said a double dropkick? So, next time he calls anything, I’m gonna think twice. Because I ended up jumping up in the air, while Shows already on the ground, and just landing on my head. So it was a double dropkick where he (Cena) went and I then I slip- Oh-Oh-I tried to get—nope. So everyone in the back, I come back and they were like, (clapping) “Great dropkick.” I watched it back, and it looks like I just jumped up in the air as high as I can and then land. Nothing happened; I just jumped up and fell. It was brutal. Thank you, John Cena.”

On John Cena’s Five Moves of Doom: “No. Hold on. I only got about four moves. So don’t throw stones, now. But yeah. He shouldn’t be doing dropkicks. Nah, I tell him all the time actually. But, dammit. He tries.”

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Randy sits down with ‘Fox and Friends’ to discuss his new movie, “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded” which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray (in the US) right now!

Click to watch it now!

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@THEBrianSoscia speaks to @RandyOrton about his movie 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded. They also discuss why he travels in a tour bus and if hhe thinks it will become a part of contract negations in the future. They then go onto talk about the differences in Randy Orton “the kid” that came into WWE to the all grown up Randy Orton. The discussion continues as they speak about his time in the U.S. service that didn’t work out for him. From there the conversation turns to wrestling again as he tells Soscia how much longer he plans on staying active in WWE, the idea behind his infamous R.N.N. segments, the turning point of his career and why he never seems to wear pants. All this plus much more!

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WWE wrestler Randy Orton talks about his experience in being featured in a movie, along with the difference in acting on TV vs. a motion picture, and his thoughts on the WWE’s developmental program in Orlando.

Click here to watch!

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Biography: Randal Keith "Randy" Orton was born on April 1st, 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is currently professional wrestler working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the Friday Night Smackdown brand. Orton is well-known as a third-generation wrestler, following the footsteps of his father ("Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr.), his late grandfather (Bob Orton Sr.), and his uncle (Barry O).
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